Smart Home Automation Provider

Smart Home Automation Provider

2014年6月5日 星期四

About CityGrow

CityGrow, founded in 2006, designs and manufactures smart, reliable and sustainable Home Automation and Commercial Automation System.

CityGrow’s former mission was to furnish technical products and personalized solutions for home automation system integrated with world leading technologies; deliver intelligent control system on lighting, shade, climate, audio/video, security as well as energy management for residential areas. Over the years, with the acquaintance of the powerful automation control technologies, we widely expanded our progressive automation solutions to commercial applications, serving hotels, restaurants, business offices, convention facilities and other public spaces, continuously delivering smart, dependable and affordable solutions. In 2009, CityGrow pioneered automatic meter reading (AMR) solution in the local market, successfully served public utility companies with efficient, reliable and cost-effective system, performing intelligent forecasting and response on end-users’ energy consumption patterns.

CityGrow’s cutting-edge solutions comprising with high-principled hardware and software contribute to the rapidly changing demands of today’s rigorous customers. Living with highly flexible and smart automation control system is essential to all private and corporate properties.

CityGrow’s solutions and products are globally sold through a broad network of authorized dealers and contractors into different residential and commercial markets.


Citygrow 初期目標為研發自動化家居智能系統及技術器材,揉合各項世界頂尖技術,首先開發了能有效控制燈光、幕簾、空調、音響、保安,以至能源管理的智慧型家居自動化方案。這些年來,我們的專業技術團隊,運用對有關技術的透徹認知及豐富經驗,成功拓展智能控制方案的使用範疇,繼續推展智能、穩健及實惠的方案,廣泛惠及各式各樣的商用企業,例如酒店、餐廳、商用辦公室、會議及展覽場地,以及其他公共場所等。於2009年,Citygrow 在本地市場率先開拓自動讀錶系統 (AMR),以用戶的能源使用模式及數據,精確地進行預算分析和應對,為廣大公營機構提供了一個高效、可靠及高成本效益的系統。

Citygrow 整合其各項尖端系統方案及高規格產品,以切合現今要求嚴謹的用家需求。不論是私人家居或商用企業,一個高靈活性的智能自動化控制系統,絕對是不可或缺的經營元素。

有賴我們強大的合作伙伴網絡,Citygrow 的系統方案及產品銷售已遍及全球,正為各式各樣的私人住宅和商業機構提供優質服務。